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Seaworthy Sewing offers hand crafted custom and ready made products for your home and boat with a focus on modern design, clean lines, and comfort. For custom sewing work including boat dinette cushions, stateroom bedding and decor pillows please send information about your project to


Meet the woman behind the brand.

Seaworthy Sewing was established in 2024 by Jordan Kinney.


Jordan is an experienced designer and seamstress who has worked in the fashion and soft goods industries for over 15 years. She is a sailors daughter and U.S. Navy spouse who enjoys a life spent near and on the water. She is passionate about sewing, art, family, travel and nature. Sustainability, quality craftmanship, and small batch production are values she shows in her work.

Thank you for being here,

Jordan Kinney, Seaworthy Sewing.

seaworthy sewing
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